Remote Starts allow you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your own home while keeping it safe from theft. With all remote starters there is a wire attached to the cars braking system so in the event a thief were to gain entry into the vehicle whenever they press on the brake it will shut down the vehicle. This security measure is what keeps them legal.

Our Remote Starts are available in many different configurations with different features to offer. Our Remote Start Systems are compatible with Hybrid, Electric and Diesel vehicles. We will help you choose the right one for your car.

Standard remote start features

  • Parking Light Conformation

  • Keyless Entry (when available)

  • Trunk Release (when available)

  • 15, 20 or 30 Minute Runtime

    Optional Features

  • Horn Honk Conformation

  • Rear Defrost Activation

  • Heated Seat Activation


Codealarm ca-4055

This is our most basic system because all it does is start your car. It offers no keyless entry or trunk release. This is also one of our more common systems on newer vehicles that have the keyless entry built into the key. This system offers a 1500’ range and a Lifetime Warranty


codealarm ca-4555

Just like the CA-4055 this system only does remote start however this offers a 2-way paging feature. 2-way paging is a feature that lets you know when the vehicle is running by flashing the LED on the remote. This feature is useful if you don’t have a sight of the vehicle to tell if the parking lights are on. This system offers a 2500’ range and a Lifetime Warranty.


codealarm ca-5055

The 5055 is the most common Remote Start since it offers all the features of a factory remote. This system will do Lock, Unlock, Light Flash and Trunk Release. We can also add Horn Honk conformation upon request. This system offers a range of 1500’ and a Lifetime Warranty.


codealarm ca-6055

Offering the same features as the 5055 plus giving you a visual conformation. This system will notify you when you vehicle is locked, unlocked, or started. This will also provide a count down timer to show you how much time is left on your remote start sequence. This system will also increase your range to 2500’ since it’s a 2 way paging system.. As always this system has a Lifetime Warranty.